Horch Sport Cabriolet 1938 from Minichamps


Every time I visited my local model railroad shop during the last months, I noticed a beautiful model of an old sports car sitting on the shelf. Besides being good-looking, it was also quite expensive, so for a long time I left it on the shelf.

After a while, it came on sale and I was powerless to resist it any more. 🙂

It turned out to be a model of a German sports cabriolet made the the German company Horch, which was a part of the Auto Union company, which also included present day Audi. The model is made by Minichamps.


The model is a plesure to behold, above photographed on my Monastery Diorama.

The feeling of luxury from the real car is replicating in the model, which by the way is in 1:43. This means it is a bit too large for use with American 1:48 scale, but for European O scale, which usually is 1:45, it fits quite well.


It is quite detailed, and the seats look very realistic, almost like small springs are hiding beneath the fabric.


The wheels feels a bit like real rubber, and in this macro shot, I think the reason is shown. The surface of the tire seems to be very raw, which most likely is the cause of the rubbery feeling.


Notice the small crowned H on the wheel hub. I didn’t notice that till I saw this image, but it must refer to the manufacturer of the car, Horch.


Even though it was an expensive model, I am glad I finally bought it. It fits into my around WWII European collection like the locomotive from Fleischmann and the jeep from Tamiya.

What do you think of the model?


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