Castle Diorama III: Dungeon Interior


Continued from Castle Diorama II: The Dungeon

Before closing off the dungeon from above, I wanted to place some interior to set the mood.


Since most of the castle will be built with castings from Hirst Arts molds, I checked their selection of available molds, and was glad to discover the contents of mold #85, Cavern Accessory Mold. It contained just the things I needed to fill my dungeon. 🙂

After casting the whole mold a couple of times and waiting for everything to dry properly, I gave the casts a base coat of dark green. Then I continued with dark brown for the barrels and chest and light brown for the boxes.

Everything was then shaded with a dark brown wash and drybrushed with a very light grey-brown.


I was painting with my friend Grimbok, who suggested I should try a new ready-mixed wash from Games Workshop called Badab Black. I was a bit sceptical, since I normally mix my washed myself, but for his sake I tried it.

The Badab Black wash has been applied to the right iron band of the chest above, and I was surprised to see how much depth it added to the metal colour.


This is how the barrels and chest ended up. The smaller items have also been given a bit of brown weathering powder to look dusty and old.


I wanted the crates to look as if they were made of fresh wood, so they got a coat of a much lighter brown and another new wash from Games Workshop.


After drying, everything were glued in the dungeon. Then the wooden supports was glued in as well, and the dungeon is now ready to be closed off!

I also plan to make a number of figures for a more dramatical scene in the dungeon, but I think they can be placed from the outside. Time will tell… 🙂


The last brightly lit shot before the roof is placed on top….


And now the dungeon is forever shrouded in darkness…!


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