German Tank Cars from O Scale Models


Narrow gauge vehicles is a great thing for saving space compared to normal gauge. Nonetheless is there a great pleasure in accurate and detailed models of large cars in O scale.

I only recently discovered the excellent models from a German company called O Scale Models. They seem to have produced a number of German tank cars as well as some small German gondolas with various markings to represent vehicles from the beginning of the 20th century till the 1960’s.

The model above is marked as coming from the Deutsche Vacuum Oel Aktiengesellschaft. According to Wikipedia, that company was a part of the American company called Vacuum Oil Company of Rochester, N.Y. The company seemingly still exists today, but as part of the ExxonMobil corporation.

The car is dated as last being revised in 1916, so it does make it a bit old for my 1930’s collection.


I found the model along with the variation above from Deutsch-Amerikanische Petroleum-Gesellschaft, today a part of the ESSO corporation, on the German Ebay. I payed 55€ and 60€ for the models, which I find quite reasonable for such large and detailed models.

The D.A.P.G. car is marked 1912, just before the First World War.


One of the reasons why I immediately fell in love with the nice models (pardon all the dust above!) was the spoked and finely detailed wheels and bearings. I am really looking forward to weathering the vehicles. With all these details, the cars will look marvellous.


The frame of the cars are extremely detailed as well, making the vehicle appear quite thin and fragile.

Note the thin old-style buffers, which are spring-loaded for greater realism. It was a great surprise when I discovered that the wheels were mounted on springs as well in order to better adjust to the track.


The functional scale couplings are very well done, enabling the cars to couple just like in real life. This is a great advantage over similar cars in smaller scales such as H0 and N, where couplings usually are of gargantuan sizes, scale-wise.


Since I have models a the same general type in both H0 and N scale, I decided to line them up for a comparison of size. The H0 scale model, made by German Sachsenmodelle, seems tiny compared with the large and very heavy O-scale model.


The miniscule tank car on the back of its larger cousin is from Fleischmann and is in N scale, 1:160. I have often thought that O and N scale go together well. For dioramas and superdetailing, O is a great scale, while if you want to see trains running through a somewhat realistic terrain, N scale has many advantages over the larger H0, 1:87.


I am quite happy with my two new relatively inexpensive O scale tank cars. I like the finely detailed appearance and the fact that both the buffers, the wheels and the couplings are springloaded.

I look forward to weathering the cars one day and put them on a diorama for photography. Keep tuned for more images later. 🙂

Unfortunately I just heard a rumour that the producer, O-Scale-Models are out of business and will produce no more of its beautiful models. Do you know anything about the company?


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