Photographers and Businessmen from Forty-Three Figurines


Finding good-looking models around 1:45 scale can be difficult, especially if you like me prefer modelling the world before the Second World War.

Therefore I was happy to discover the small Russian company Forty-Three Figurines. Based in Moscow, they cast white metal figures and paint them by hand. The selection on the web site is quite large, so I took some time to find a number of models to test the quality.


My first choice was a photographer, since there is something wonderful about photographing model photograpers, that are taking pictures of either your model or yourself! 🙂

Based on his hat and type of camera, I would place him in the early 20th century, perhaps around 1910. What do you think?


Another photographer seems to be from a bit earlier, perhaps from around 1900?


Forty-Three Figurines also offer a large variety of famous people and after a lot of thinking, I bought a model of Ferdinand Porsche. He lived from 1875-1951, and judging from his suit the model seems appropriate for most of the first half of the 20th century, although the lack of a hat make the model most suitable for indoor scenes.


The final model I ordered was a driver, who seems a bit out of place resting in my Monastery Diorama. He would fit great as a chauffeur in a large car from around the time of the First World War.

I am very happy with my new models, and although they were not exactly cheap, they feel like good value for the money. The prices varied from $13 for the simple driver to $21 for Herr Porsche with the photographers lying in the middle. The models arrived quickly despite coming all the way from Moscow and were very well packaged.

If you like me are not fond of painting figures, which is quite another task from building dioramas and weathering vehicles, then the models offered from Forty-Three Figurines fills a gap nicely, and I look forward to buying more later on. 🙂



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