Beer Boxcar Loewengarten from MTH

My newest O scale model represents a Swiss boxcar, supposedly filled with lots of small 1:45 scale beers.

The boxcar is marked Brauerei zum Loewengarten, T. Spiess, Luzern.

The brewery seems to have been founded in 1878 by Traugott Spiess and his son-in-law in Lucerne in Switzerland.

The beer label on the right seems to be from this brewery, according the website of the company, that the brewery was later merged into.

The revision date of the boxcar is in March 1924, two years after the Brauerei Loewengarten seems to have merged with another local brewery and changed its name, but it seems fair to assume that the company boxcars remained the same for a longer while, before eventually being repainted with new logos.

The big and ugly Lenz couplers came off without too much work, and then it was easy to insert the very nice functional scale couplers, which came with the model. The Lenz couplings work very well, but they are much too large in my opinion. The scale coupling is more work to operate, but as the large O scale is mostly suited for detailed and careful operations, the switch is worth it.

The undercarriage is quite detailed and the wheels looks true to the original, especially when compared to smaller model scales, where the wheels are usually too wide.

The model from MTH is generally good looking and not too expensive. Above is the new and clean model straight from the manufacturer.

I decided to give my new model a somewhat heavy layer of weathering, to make it seem like an old boxcar, that had been in service for a long time.

I am pretty satisfied on how the weathering worked out, using brown and grey washes, tan and white drybrushing and rusty weathering powder, although the weathering might be a bit on the excessive side. What do you think?

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