Beer Boxcar Loewengarten from MTH

My newest O scale model represents a Swiss boxcar, supposedly filled with lots of small 1:45 scale beers.

The boxcar is marked Brauerei zum Loewengarten, T. Spiess, Luzern.

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Photographers and Businessmen from Forty-Three Figurines


Finding good-looking models around 1:45 scale can be difficult, especially if you like me prefer modelling the world before the Second World War.

Therefore I was happy to discover the small Russian company Forty-Three Figurines. Based in Moscow, they cast white metal figures and paint them by hand. The selection on the web site is quite large, so I took some time to find a number of models to test the quality.

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German Tank Cars from O Scale Models


Narrow gauge vehicles is a great thing for saving space compared to normal gauge. Nonetheless is there a great pleasure in accurate and detailed models of large cars in O scale.

I only recently discovered the excellent models from a German company called O Scale Models. They seem to have produced a number of German tank cars as well as some small German gondolas with various markings to represent vehicles from the beginning of the 20th century till the 1960’s.

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