Castle Diorama V: Cliffs and Arrow Slits


The construction of the Castle Diorama continues.

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Castle Diorama IV: Timberwork and Stone Walls


Continued from Castle Diorama III: Dungeon Interior

Now that the dungeon below the castle is finished, I have worked a while on the castle itself, a half-timbered building in the courtyard and on the rails below.

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Castle Diorama III: Dungeon Interior


Continued from Castle Diorama II: The Dungeon

Before closing off the dungeon from above, I wanted to place some interior to set the mood.

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Castle Diorama II – The Dungeon


Continued from Castle Diorama I – The Base

The first area of my Castle Diorama to receive serious attention was the dungeon below the castle in the corner.

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Castle Diorama I – The Base


For a while now, I have thought about creating a diorama that would allow me to photograph my O-scale narrow gauge vehicles. Especially the cute litte industrial steam engine deserves a nice base to be photographed upon.

After many weeks of wondering on how such a diorama should look, I finally made up my mind yesterday when I was modelling with my old friend KC.

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