Castle Diorama V: Cliffs and Arrow Slits


The construction of the Castle Diorama continues.

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Monastery Diorama III – Filler and Paint


My vacation continues with lots of time to work on the monastery diorama. I’ve decided to focus on the diorama, so it be able to function as a photo backdrop for when I finish some figures and vehicles.

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Monastery Diorama II – A Stable Foundation


After preparing the wooden base for the diorama, I started working on making the basic groundwork.

I’ve built a number of other dioramas before, mostly in HO scale and I found that expanded polystyrene works great for adding height to the base. It’s cheap, sometimes even free, easy to work with and lightweight. The only disadvantage of the material is the mess when you work with it, but I think that’s worth it. 🙂 Continue reading “Monastery Diorama II – A Stable Foundation”


Monastery Diorama I – The Base


One of my hobbies besides building scale miniatures of all kinds is photography. Having moved to O scale recently, I decided that one of my first priorities would be to create a small diorama that could be used as a display base and as a background for photos.

Since I model the time around World War II, I decided to built a diorama set somewhere in northwestern Europe featuring the ruins of a monastery and a road for placing vehicles. After scouring the web for inspiration, I figured that casting building blocks in plaster would be a fun way to construct a structure, and ordered a couple of molds from Hirst Arts.

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