German Scout Car Sdkfz 222 from Atlas Editions

Bought in 2016 via Atlas Editions subscription in their series of light vehicles.

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M3 Scout Car from Atlas Editions


Recently, I began subscribing to the WWII series of models in 1:43 scale from the French company Atlas Editions. The models are assembled and painted and only needs additionally detailing and weathering to look pretty good.

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Mercedes-Benz L 1000 from Premium ClassiXXs


After buying my first finished car model in O-scale, the Horch Sport Cabriolet, I started looking for more vehicles to display on my dioramas.

I am especially looking for everyday vehicles, which unfortunately are hard to find since most of the car model manufacturers seem to make models of the most spectacular cars in history.

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Horch Sport Cabriolet 1938 from Minichamps


Every time I visited my local model railroad shop during the last months, I noticed a beautiful model of an old sports car sitting on the shelf. Besides being good-looking, it was also quite expensive, so for a long time I left it on the shelf.

After a while, it came on sale and I was powerless to resist it any more. 🙂

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US Jeep from Tamiya


I’ve always enjoyed building models of small and everyday vehicles. I’ve built plenty of jeeps, kübelwagens, Panzer IIs and kettenkrads, but never a King Tiger or a Maus tank.

So I found it quite natural to build a jeep as my first vehicle in 1:48 scale. Tamiya makes a very nice set called WWII U.S. Army Infantry at Rest, #32552, which includes nine figures and a “light vehicle”.

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