German Scout Car Sdkfz 222 from Atlas Editions

Bought in 2016 via Atlas Editions subscription in their series of light vehicles.

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Beer Boxcar Loewengarten from MTH

My newest O scale model represents a Swiss boxcar, supposedly filled with lots of small 1:45 scale beers.

The boxcar is marked Brauerei zum Loewengarten, T. Spiess, Luzern.

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M3 Scout Car from Atlas Editions


Recently, I began subscribing to the WWII series of models in 1:43 scale from the French company Atlas Editions. The models are assembled and painted and only needs additionally detailing and weathering to look pretty good.

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Castle Diorama III: Dungeon Interior


Continued from Castle Diorama II: The Dungeon

Before closing off the dungeon from above, I wanted to place some interior to set the mood.

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Weathering Fleischmann Magic Train Gondolas


Along with the beautiful little locomotive from Fleischmann I bought a number of freight cars as well. As with all other railroad models, they were made of ugly shiny plastic, and were just begging to be weathered. 🙂

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